I am foraging more than usual and preserving what I find so preserving young spruce cones, spruce tips, wild garlic alongside blackcurrant wood oil and cordial.

We’ve always worked with nature and what it offers, now more than ever it has given us an even more appreciation for it. For the future, we are working on social distancing in terms of tables and different seating times too. We are currently remodelling the restaurant’s offering to adapt to the new normal with something exciting coming soon - watch this space!

To keep a sense of community, we have been producing 650 meals a week for a mix of front line NHS workers, shelters, hospices and vulnerable people in the city. We have also been doing outreach work, growing plants in the greenhouse on the roof of the restaurant for local schools with my wife Anna, who is a qualified horticulturist.

Lockdown has allowed us to discover the sense of strong community - not just with those around us but within the industry too. And being a chef, I’ve been able to spend lots of time with my kids.