food journalism,


Where is food from?

Pasture is a food magazine & community 
inviting you behind the plate of food,
delving into the environment, the product
and people behind it. A passion project
between our day jobs

We publish a global magazine,
produce bi-monthly articles online,
short documentaries
and run a design studio working
directly with the food industry

“Where does food come from? Pasture answers that question in a delicious manner.”

Monocle Magazine 2017

There is so much opinion and choice on trends and recipes but little on the transparency of origin or what happens before a plate of food arrives in front of you, so we made Pasture.

We launched in late 2016 as a magazine to document and ask questions about where our food is from an open-minded and honest voice. Our ultimate aim is to create a platform that connects us to what we eat and drink and in turn, educate ourselves to impact the world for the better.

Hopefully one day we don’t need to exist...


Samuel Moppett

Art Directors

Cara Dawson
Blue Bushell
Tasha Thomas


Liz Seabrook
Emli Blexin
Leo Williams
Christian Doyle
Ingrid Hofsta
Simon Bray
Georgie Owen
Cindy Trinth
Robert Wyatt
Victoria Harrison
Maria Bell
Amelia Pemberton
Gui Seiz
Juan Trujilo Andrades


Felicity Cloake
Cara Dawson
Hollie Newton
Matthew Hook 
Joel Bankhead 
Adam Woodward
Christian Doyle
Ingrid Hofsta
Cindy Trinth
Aimee-lee Abraham
Sophie Churcher
Michael Townsend Williams

Oliver Scalvo


Ryan Todd
Cachete Jack
Scaredy Cat
Frederick North
Spencer Wilson
Crayon Crayon


Leah Evans

Film editing

Matt Wardle
Bethan Hill
Jack McFarlane