Where is food from?
Pasture is a food magazine & community inviting you behind the plate of food, delving into the environment, the product and people behind it. A passion project between our day jobs.

We publish an annual print magazine, produce digital monthly articles online released in our newsletter, short documentaries and run a design studio working directly with the food industry.

There is so much opinion, trends and recipes but little on the transparency of origin or what happens before a plate of food arrives in front of you, so we made Pasture.

We launched in late 2016 as a magazine to document our research with the ultimate aim of creating a platform that connects us to what we eat and drink and in turn, educate ourselves to impact the world for the better.

We sold issue 0, our test issue in October 2016 to high acclaim. It was sold in Tokyo to Germany, across USA and much more. We hadn’t planned very well for issue 1 and ran out of cash. We went digital, found our feet and voice and now in 2021 will be back in print. Watch this space.