A farmer’s life is entwined with nature. Seasons and the weather dictate farmers, every hour of every day, particularly in the spring and summer. Flourish is an enormously dynamic place. Before lock-down, we would rush from one thing to the next, another email to answer, another crop to harvest, something to irrigate, a million more tasks, squeezing never-ending to-do lists into every day. The closure of all of our restaurants has forced us to embrace a change of pace.

It is spring, and we are planting seeds, and preparing the soil for our growing season, in many ways it is business as usual, but because our sales have stopped, the usual pressure is off. We now have time to watch the birds, to observe the succession of hedgerow blossom and wildflowers, to notice how delicately and deliberately wildlife responds to spring. This time for observation has helped us appreciate the great importance of beauty, and to understand how much happiness it can bring in such a challenging time. We’ve decided to begin a beautification project, planting as many flowers as possible all over the farm. Behind the sheds and along the field edges, we hope the blooms will bring our team joy for the rest of the season.

We always have a big team, but we are a group of 17 at the moment. Chefs and those working in FOH have come to help us operate and to escape the city while their restaurants are closed. Particularly at a time like this, we are grateful for these deepening relationships. The richness that each person brings allows us the opportunity to get to know those who work with our vegetables every day. The simple pleasures of good conversations and delicious shared meals with the farm produce enrich our lives when there are so many unknowns, at it is something we will all cherish when this time is over.