I feel fortunate to have been able to escape London before lock-down, returning to my family home in Northumberland. Although the rest of the world has come to a halt, crops are still growing, and lambs are still arriving. Being involved in farm life has moved me from being behind the lens to behind the wheel of a tractor most days, with fields to roll and lambs to feed. I have quickly adapted my routine, and I am fortunate to have something to keep me busy during the lock-down. I am grateful for the sense of purpose and routine it gives me, neither of which should be underestimated during this time of considerable uncertainty.
The move has positively reinforced my appreciation for the relentless hard work undertaken by farmers all year round - something it is easy to become disconnected from while in the city.
It’s safe to say that no one can travel far for inspiration right now, so my immediate surroundings have become a welcome focus and something I had always been meaning to dedicate more time to. Lambs and chickens are a lot more unpredictable than a studio salad!
Isolating with my two sisters has also encouraged creative collaboration, and it will definitely help me to seek work with others in the future. With a frustrated florist, a grumpy graphic designer and a photographer all under the same roof, we have formed some creative foundations. We hope to continue this post COVID - provided we don’t strangle each other in the meantime, of course!